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Updated: Mar 17

TELL ME MORE is a 'Readers Choose' Social Media novel writing experiment, where readers (like you!) can read-along (and vote-along) to help make choices for the novel's character as the story unfolds.



How does it work? 1. To begin, I post the opening of the TMM novel for you, my readers

2. Then, readers get to vote on the direction the story takes next

3. Then, I write the continuation of the novel, (as per the winner of the readers' choice poll)

4. Lather, rinse, and repeat until the novel is DONE


What genre are TMM novels? Rom Com!

Will there be typos? Mm, LIKELY

Will there be plot holes? PROBABLY (this is a Shitty First Draft kinda thing so whatev)

But the main aim of the exercise is to have FUN.

Our first TMM novel is called ESCAPE PLAN and the first excerpt will drop Monday, March 16th.

Here is a short blurb to get us started!


Ryann has never needed rescuing. Not since she put herself through college with three part-time jobs, hustled her way through grueling internships, and finally landed her dream career, a downtown loft, and a hot-shot fiancé.

But, grit can only get you so far.

Especially when your ex-hot-shot-fiancé bankrupts all your hard work and good name with his TMIs (truly moronic investments) and PDAs (public displays of asshole-ness) .

Moving to the sticks to escape her crumbling city life seems like Ryann's only option. A house-sitting gig for a couple of senior citizen snowbirds isn't the downtown lifestyle she's worked so hard to attain, but maybe the fresh air and wide open spaces will help clear Ryann's head.

If it wasn’t for the smokin’ hot fireman at her door.

Exciting, right? I can’t wait to see what fun choices you (and my character) make!

The more questionable, the better!

xo HMB


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