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gotta be starting something

Autumn is coming, which means new school terms, changing leaves, and fall booties (yay!) so what better time to launch a new writing project that I'll probably never finish?

(Ex. unfinished children's novel, unfinished rom-com, unfinished grocery list--it's what I do!)

Oh, oh, first! Let me show you my BROFFICE, which is my Bed Room Office.

Cute, right? I wanted it to feel extra cozy for the pictures, which it totally is IRL (especially since we put our mattress on the floor like frat boys), so I added the Valencia filter on Instagram to give it Insta Fall Vibes!


So this is my BROG (bed room blog) written from my BROFFICE (bed room office), emphasis on BED.

The desk is merely a prop, TBH.

I'll be writing mostly nonsense on the BROG about LIFE, LOVE & LAUGHTER (I am a big sucker for those painted signs at the farmers' market and always say 'pfft, I could totally paint that' and then never do).

So if you can tolerate mundane middle-age mumblings, please SUBSCRIBE below.

Disclaimer: Let's be honest, these short, medium, to long essays are FREE, and a titch self-absorbed, so don't expect perfect prose and stunning turns of phrase. But maybe you'll relate to my navel-gazing anecdotes re: life and possibly (dare I hope?) occasionally be tickled by my misadventures.

But, if you LOL and actually laugh-out-loud, that would be amazing! That is my solemn wish.

So, anyway--WELCOME!

#broffice #brog

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