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welcome to draw me more

You are the VERY FIRST kid readers of my brand new chapter book MASON & THE MEGA-NAUTS. It is SO new, it doesn't even have illustrations!


That's where YOU come in. Would you like to 'Read Along' and 'Draw Along' with MASON & THE MEGA-NAUTS?

READ ALONG: Click on the BOOK ICON up above to read my free chapter book: MASON & THE MEGA-NAUTS.

  • Read it a chapter at a time?

  • Read it all at once?

  • It's up to you!

DRAW ALONG: Click on the DRAW ICON and draw along. You can use the templates however you like. Anything goes!

  • Create cover art

  • Do one large illustration per chapter

  • Create a storyboard for the whole book

  • You can even create a comic of the story if you like


SEND ALONG: Click on the MAIL ICON to email me a scanned/photographed illustration (jpeg) based on what you've read.


YOUR ART: I'll post reader artwork in the gallery to share with everyone. I can't wait to see your illustrations!

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