I usually keep my book recommendations to Facebook and Twitter because I love the conversations that spring up in those types of forums but today, on the blog, I am going to recommend THE MARBLE QUEEN by Stephanie J. Blake (once again) because chicklet positively adored it. ♥

Let’s ignore the fact that a school banned THE MARBLE QUEEN because of “mature content in regards to the drinking problems of the main character’s dad”. I mean, real kids don’t actually have REAL problems like alcoholic parents do they? /sarcasm font/:


Oh, wait…I think I feel a rant brewing. Yes, indeed. Here it is…

RANT: Why, yes! REAL kids DO have REAL problems as a matter of fact! And books like THE MARBLE QUEEN by Stephanie J Blake tackle them with sensitivity and respect. That is why books are so important! They allow children to digest difficult themes at their own level, at their own pace, in the safety of a book.

So in essence, when you ban a book of this nature because of ‘mature’ themes you are depriving a child (who may actually be experiencing these issues/issues which are forced upon them through no fault of their own, I might add) from reflecting on those themes and processing them, and possibly realizing they are not alone. And maybe (did this occur to you banner-mcbanner-pants?) that child might gain the courage through reading such a book to reach out for HELP! What a concept.

Not to mention the fact that children not affected by those particular ‘mature’ issues might gain insight and compassion for friends or classmates in those unfortunate circumstances.

Compassion, reflection, insight, COURAGE. Those are the characteristics we want to instil in our children. Books help do that.

Dude. If a book is not to your taste–fine. But don’t ban it and prevent other people from experiencing and possibly benefiting from its awesomeness.

*end rant*

P.S. You will love this book.



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Nice rant. I agree. Let’s read more of what “they” don’t want us to read and end up better off than “them.”


Comment by Malcolm R. Campbell on February 7th, 2013 @ 5:59 pm

Agree! We should be teaching children, not sugar coating them!

Comment by deniz on April 16th, 2013 @ 9:09 pm

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