OFFICIAL Writing Uniform

Date: Sunday December 2, 2012
Posted in: Reading,writing

Okay, so the ‘uniform’ is actually pajamas. ;-)

A few facebook author friends and I were having a discussion re: how we hadn’t put on real pants that day (i.e. were still in our pajamas)  and so one challenged me to come up with an OFFICIAL writing uniform, which of course was a challenge I could not resist. I put a few designs for writers and readers up on Cafe Press and lo and behold–they became a bit of a hit.

Here are a few of the designs!

There are apparently a lot of writers/readers out there who like to by cozy!

Anywho, I ordered the OFFICIAL writing uniform for me and the OFFICIAL reading uniform for each of my chicklets and they were just delivered yesterday and look fantastic.  And so cozy!

Here’s the link to the Cafe Press store in case anyone would like to put a pair on their holiday list:

Read. Write. Be cozy!