WATER HAZARD: Available now!

Date: Wednesday May 4, 2011
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WATER HAZARD is the second volume in the RED DUNE ADVENTURES SERIES. I’m excited to see that Chapters Indigo has begun stocking Maritime stores. WATER HAZARD is also available online through the Chapters website or through Amazon.

“Twins André and Lucas love living by Cavendish Beach on Prince Edward Island–especially when they get to help Mr. Arsenault collect seaweed with his horse, Thunder. But when Thunder gets hurt by a mysterious object in the ocean, the boys know they need to turn to another passion of theirs: solving mysteries. With Lucas’s brain and André’s courage, the boys always solve their cases, and now they have their eye on the hostile Mr. Prune…

WATER HAZARD, the second RED DUNE ADVENTURE, is a funny, exciting, and action-packed book for young readers.”


The first book, KEEP OUT! is also available:
“An excellent little mystery written in a fun, engaging, straightforward style.”–The Chronicle Herald.