KEEP OUT! the Book Trailer & read Chapter 1!

Date: Friday March 19, 2010
Posted in: Red Dune Adventures

COMING: April, 2010!

In KEEP OUT! Lucas and Andre try to solve the mystery of who, or what, has destroyed the endangered piping plover’s nest of Prince Edward Island National Park. And Lucas hatches a plan to get Andre to keep his dirty socks on his side of the room!

Read the first chapter: HERE!


Illustrations by Diane Lucas. Visit her online portfolio HERE.


A few interviews…

Date: Monday March 1, 2010
Posted in: Interviews

A variety of links to news, views and interviews…

*An interview with Brigita Pavshich over at ALL THINGS GIRL/EVERYTHING GIRL.

*A fun podcast I did with the wonderful folks at JUST ONE MORE BOOK , chatting about the complex art of storytelling.

*Ten minutes with Simone Joseph at the ECONOMIST & SUN.