Date: Saturday August 22, 2009
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Thanks to everyone who participated in my first annual ‘TALK LIKE A CAJUN/ACADIAN’ contest. I had a blast reading all of your entries!

Now, the moment of truth. You’ll see that the chicklets and I went to great lengths to ensure that winners were chosen under the most rigorous contest protocol and conditions:

Picture or Video 012

The ballots were shuffled, the mood was tense, we were at the edge of our stools…but there could only be ONE winner…

Picture or Video 013

Well, actually…since I have two chicklets, I couldn’t just let ONE of them choose. Imagine the discontent in the judging panel! So, in the spirit of equality, the second winner of our first annual ‘TALK LIKE A CAJUN/ACADIAN’ contest is….

Picture or Video 014

I mean…

Picture or Video 015

Yay!! Plus two very happy contest administrators in desperate need of nail-trimming, apparently.

Picture or Video 018

Congratulations, Becky and Sandra! I will drop you a line to get your info in order to receive your autographed copy of ACADIAN STAR!


Thanks for playing, everyone! J’ai eu toute sorte d’ fun!



Date: Saturday August 15, 2009
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Okay, okay, so it’s NOT exactly ‘Talk like a Cajun/Acadian Day’ but August 15th IS National Acadian Day.

To celebrate…a CONTEST…to win a copy of my middle grade novel, ACADIAN STAR.


To win, let’s have a bit of fun. I’m sure you’ve all heard of ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’ well here’s a twist. Our very own, super-spectacular…


To win a copy of ACADIAN STAR, you can either:

1. Just comment (yawn…)


2. Join in on the fun and tell me your favourite Acadian word. Mine is ‘BARDASSER’, which pretty much means trying to look busy, but otherwise goofing off (i.e. procrastinating).


3. REALLY get into it and leave a comment in your best Acadian ‘chiac’.


Chiac is a dialect of Acadian French heavily mixed and structured with English.

Par example: Drive ton car jusqu’a le store pour me chercher des buns pour les hamburgers.


4. As a hats-off to my Cajun cousins to the south, feel free throw in some Cajunisms too!!

So many CHOICES! So, have at it! A winner will be randomly chosen on Wednesday, August 19th. Bonne luck and good chance!!

They’ll give medals to ANYONE these days…

Date: Sunday August 2, 2009
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10 kilometers

1 L of water

1 hour 16 minutes of pounding the pavement

141 competitors


But look what I GOT!


That’s me on the left, sucking wind, trying to make up my oxygen debt. Little sis is on the right (the well-rested one, since she’s been waiting for me at the finish line for the past 20 minutes). Best part about the day? My niece placed second in her age division and won half a dozen lobsters. Gotta love running races in Nova Scotia. :-)

So, how does this relate to writing? It doesn’t. Ha!

Well, yeah. It kinda does. The whole running thing is pretty analagous to how I felt when I first joined my critique group about 5 years ago. I was a newbie.  Soft. Starting from nothing. Fellow writers blew by me with their talent and drive. All I could do was watch them go and hope that I’d catch up, someday. But like my sister, my critique buddies were there for me at the finish line.  Most even ran back to cheer me on as I made my way to my goal.

Writers, and runners, are human. It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others. Who’s ahead of you, who’s beside you, who’s behind? But where does that get you? The best we can do is go at our own pace, pick ourselves up if we fall and take that glass of water as it’s handed out at the aid station.

(Did I mention they were packing up the aid stations as I shuffled by? Yeah. Uh-huh. Dead last.)

I accept that I’m a horrible runner. But yanno what? It still felt great to cross that finish line.