Swim, bike, run…

Date: Friday May 22, 2009
Posted in: Random

In a moment of sheer, over-inflated confidence, I signed up for a triathlon in August. 

Do I swim? Um, yes, but haven’t for a while.

Can I bike? I *own* a bike. Does that count?

Do I run? Well…*lumber* would be a more accurate description. 

But, I have two willing training buddies and about 12 weeks to get myself in a reasonable enough state to not embarass myself. (that’s the hope, anyway) And plus, this will be a much needed distraction from my busy spring of writing, school and library presentations, not to mention the ongoing superduperagentsearch.

So why a triathlon? Hmm…good question. Mainly, it’s to balance out my writing/parenting/social life a bit. I think it’s easy to isolate yourself and be too much ‘in your head’ as a writer.  I find this necessary when I’m deep into a character and heavy into writing. There comes a point , though, when the effort invested really brings diminishing returns and a fresh perspective is in order.

So, yeah. Swim, bike, run.

Having an outlet like training for a triathlon can only be good for my creativity. But when I’m (inevitably) the last one to stumble out of the lake, the last to wilt off the bike and the last to crawl across the finish line, can I ask a favour?

Don’t laugh. ;-)


New look!

Date: Saturday May 16, 2009
Posted in: Random


I finally got around to customizing the stock artwork that came with this website’s template. Now that I’m all moved in, I feel like I should have a housewarming.  Anyone bring pizza? Hors d’oeuvres? Drinks?

Anywho, notice a theme?  Yup, I am indeed a fan of the emoticon. :-)

Which is YOUR favourite?