Date: Friday October 31, 2008
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I totally stole these pumpkin pictures from my sister, Natasha’s, FaceBook page, but aren’t they AWESOME? (You can click to enlarge)



ACADIAN STAR launch…debrief

Date: Tuesday October 28, 2008
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What an amazing week! I know I promised many of you a blow-by-blow debrief and I will attempt to do so here. For those who want a quick snapshot of, um, snapshots from the launch, check THIS out. (Just give it a sec to load)

I landed at the airport on Thursday night and hit the ground running Friday morning with a couple of quick meetings with the folks at Nimbus. Seriously, the nicest people, so supportive and fantastic (I’m a lucky author!). Then I headed off on my 4 hour drive to Cape Breton, stopping off at L’Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet on my way. I’d just popped in to donate a copy of ACADIAN STAR to their library, but their very gracious principal invited me to do a school visit the following week. But, of course!

Saturday was the big launch at La Picasse’s, Petit de Grat library. (My hometown, Woot!) I was stunned, flabbergasted, utterly overwhelmed to see about 65 people gathered. Here are a few pics:

Lots of laughs, great sales, lots of wonderful memories. The Reporter newspaper was on hand to take pictures and a reporter from Le Courier (the provincial Acadian paper) was there as well. He’s since read the book, with great reports and will be doing a story. Yay!

Sunday, I was off to New Glasgow and Antigonish for more signings. Then on Monday, I was super happy to be doing back to back presentations at Beauport School (my old high school!) The kids were AWESOME and had fantastic questions. Later that day, I had a television interview at Telile Television:


Tuesday, I took the day off and slept. Zzzzzzzzzzz……….

Then on Wednesday, I did two sessions at Pomquet School. Again, totally AWESOME students. Definitely a hilight. The Casket newspaper was there and I just found out that my picture is in today’s paper. Cool!

Wednesday afternoon, I skadoodled back to Halifax since, bright and early on Thursday morning, I had lined up three school drop-ins.

Friday, was a television interview with Starr Dobson of Live at Five (and Yes! it was LIVE…at five). I managed to get through the four minutes without dissolving into a puddle, though please pay no mind to the fact that my teeth kept getting stuck to my upper lip. Seriously, what is THAT all about? I just need to capture the video from the DVD and maybe I’ll post it here in a couple of days.

Later that night, I had a bookstore signing at Halifax Shopping Center and was SO pleased to see old friends popping in to the store. People I hadn’t seen in years and years! What a treat. A few people said they’d seen the Live at Five promo and popped over to buy a book. (Neat!) Great sales, too. Apparently, I broke a store book signing record. Woohoo!!

One last signing at Chapters, Micmac Mall on Saturday. Super awesome staff, fantastic people–what a great way to end the week!!

I really had used up all my good fortune for one week, but amazingly, I was surprised to get even more wonderful news.


An excerpt from my YA novel “October Storm” (work in progress) was awarded an Honourable Mention in the Surrey International Writers’ Conference Literary Competition. Woot!

The same manuscript was also just awarded a juried literary grant from the Ontario Arts Council on Wednesday. Double Woot!

Wow. Just Wow.

Arrived home at the airport Sunday morning to big hugs from DH and my two little chicklets. They’d made me Welcome Home presents: Little M gave me a dozen multicoloured popsicle sticks wrapped up in a scrap of cloth. Little C gave me her piggy bank.


Life doesn’t get any better.

Final winner! See you on the flipside…

Date: Wednesday October 15, 2008
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Thanks to everyone who entered my three-week-long book contest extravaganza! I had over 100 entries in total and had a blast reading all of your inventive comments.

I’m off on the ACADIAN STAR book tour tomorrow. If anyone is near and dear to the following locations, dew drop inn–I’d love to see ya!!

Saturday, Oct 18, 2:00-3:30 pm— Official Launch, Petit de Grat Library
Sunday, Oct 19, 12:00-2:00 pm— 563 Coles Antigonish
Sunday, Oct 19, 3:30-5:00 pm — 152 Coles New Glasgow
Friday, Oct 24, 7:00-9:00 pm — 221 Coles Halifax Shopping Centre
Saturday, Oct 25, 2:00-4:00 pm— 914 Chapters Dartmouth

I don’t have a lot of time this week to keep you in suspense (gotta pack!) so I’ll cut to the chase. The winner this week is EV BISHOP!

Congratulations, Ev!

Check out Ev’s short story “My Mom is a Freak” in Cleavage – Breakaway Fiction for Real Girls, a Sumach Press anthology (September 2008), edited by Deb Loughead & Jocelyn Shipley.

Thanks to everyone for all your support and enthusiasm for ACADIAN STAR. Books are being shipped to stores, and people have been reporting that they’ve received their Amazon copies.

Hope you enjoy it!

What a fun time I’ve been having with this contest! Last week, your challenge was to post a comment with the word *CHAPTER* to celebrate the fact that I’ve posted the first chapter of ACADIAN STAR on my website. Check it out HERE, if you haven’t already.

And YES, I’ve picked a winner. Entries from this week were added to last week’s, giving me 83 to choose from. To keep things on the up-and-up, I used my handy dandy on-line Random Number Generator to pick the recipient of a free copy of ACADIAN STAR and I’m about to announce the WINNER.


I won’t even make you wait like I did last time.

Oh, wait a sec, first I need to tell you all about my upcoming book tour, coming up next week. I’m kicking off the tour in my hometown of Petit de Grat at the Petit de Grat Library and am SO excited. Here’s the 411:

Saturday, Oct 18, 2:00-3:30 pm— Official Launch, Petit de Grat Library

Oh, and something else, I need to show you the pretty invitation Nimbus Publishing created for my official launch:

It shows up kinda teeny here, but isn’t it nice? Click on it, if you want to see the actual size.

Volume One Bookstore from Port Hawkesbury will be on hand, selling books.

Oh, oh, and something else, if you can’t make it to Petit de Grat (but you SHOULD some day, cause it’s SO pretty there), I have lots of other bookstore signings to choose from:

Sunday, Oct 19, 12:00-2:00 pm— 563 Coles Antigonish
Sunday, Oct 19, 3:30-5:00 pm — 152 Coles New Glasgow
Friday, Oct 24, 7:00-9:00 pm — 221 Coles Halifax Shopping Centre
Saturday, Oct 25, 2:00-4:00 pm— 914 Chapters Dartmouth

So please pop by if you’re in the area! (let me know in the comments) I’d love to see you.

And, hmm, what else did I want to tell you all? Oh, yeah! Silly me. The winner! And I even told you I wouldn’t make you wait. The WINNER of this week’s free copy of ACADIAN STAR is…


Beryl Cole-Boudreau!!!


Congratulations, Beryl!!

To those who haven’t won, sorry! :-( But you have one LAST CHANCE.

To add another entry for your LAST CHANCE to win a free copy of ACADIAN STAR, just add a comment to this message with the word *LAUNCH*.

‘Cause now that I have all the dates confirmed for next week’s book tour, ACADIAN STAR is a go for launch!


Thank you ALL so much for entering my *STAR* studded contest! I received over 70 entries from across Canada, the US, Europe and as far away as Australia.


Bet you wanna know who the winner is, huh? I’m getting to that. But before I spill the beans, a couple of announcements:

Now, without further ado the WINNER of this week’s free copy of ACADIAN STAR is:


Cathy MacNeil Ellsworth!!!

Congratulations, Cathy!

Also! Please visit my very good friend and launch buddy, Lois Peterson, as she launches her debut book, MEETING MISS 405, an Orca Young Reader. Lois is an amazing writer. I know, because I had the very good fortune of reading part of MM405 pre-publication.

Congratulations, Lois!