ACADIAN STAR at Book Expo!

Date: Tuesday June 17, 2008
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So okay, it wasn’t the book but a poster of ACADIAN STAR (to be released this fall by Nimbus Publishing). And right next to Sheree Fitch’s book–how cool is that??

And it wasn’t actually me who snapped the pic but my amazing book-seller-extraordinaire friend, Sheri, from Chapters/Indigo. (I forgot my camera at home. Duh. Oh, who am I kidding? I never remember my camera. And I don’t own one of those fancy camera phones either. Double duh.)

But it’s MY BOOK!! And it’s BOOK EXPO!!!

Very, very cool…


Just One More Book

Date: Friday June 6, 2008
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Just One More Book 

I just wanted to give a shout out to this phenomenal blog. It’s a plethora of all things regarding children’s books and publishing. Tonnes of author/illustrator/editor podcasts and interviews, reviews and general all around goodness.

Plus, they added my logo submission to their gallery. :-)  Which looks a lot like this:

This is a portrait I did of my girls during a quiet moment while reading by the window. And no, they didn’t sit long enough for me to paint them *snort*. I was able to snap a picture :-)