Little M Zingers

Date: Thursday October 18, 2007
Posted in: The shorties

I’m at home with my shortie today. Little M is a scream at the best of times but she is in top form today.

Since she’s in Junior Kindergarten, I get to spend a few days a week with her while Little C is in school. This is a treat since being the second; she’s never had my undivided time. So this morning, since it’s a day off school for her, we played…

Wait for it…


Little M, naturally, was the teacher and I was her special helper. She started off with a raucous session of addition. In her most teacherly voice, wielding a dry erase marker and white board, she put me through my paces:

Little M: 1 +1 =?
Me: um, two?
Little M: Vewy good, but you need to put up youw hand next time.

Little M: 11 + 11=?
Me: twenty two
Little M: No, but good guess.

On to spelling, a few minutes later…

Little M: C-A-T
Me: (Sweating profusely, this kid is a crackerjack) Cat!
Little M: Vewy good, mommy. Youwa genius. Now M-A-P
Me: Map!
Little M: (Hand on hip) You fowgot to put up youw hand again.
Me: Oops.
Little M: Okay, now how about C…..(pauses for effect and turns to me) Mommy, what comes after C in  ‘clowophyll’? (chlorophyll)