Holding back…

Date: Friday June 8, 2007
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Just wrote a scene where Logan is seriously p.o’ed at his dad. It’s quite a blowout. Logan pushes his dad’s buttons. There’s a heated discussion. His dad gives him an ultimatum.

Here’s the thing. I originally had Logan blow up, respond forcefully, firecrackers and all. Then I thought, who fights like that? Especially with the dynamic of a father (position of power) vs a son (subservient).

I held back, trying to maintain the tension throughout the scene with words and actions, but all the while keeping Logan on a leash, choking at his chain. The scene culminates to a climax–his father grabs his shirt. Logan is not sure what his dad is about to do. Is he intending to hurt him? Not that he ever has raised a hand to Logan before, but this feels different. Wild. Not wanting to provoke him, Logan stays quiet. He waits until his father has his say and releases him. Logan excuses himself and goes downstairs to his bedroom and waits to hear his father’s truck speed off.


All hell breaks loose…


Leaving it on the page.

Date: Wednesday June 6, 2007
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I’ve gone through my first 12 chapters, holding as true to the vision I’ve mapped out for this book as possible. I also have the last 3 chapters written.

I’ve now entered The Great Beyond. The middle meat of the book, with a few guideposts in place and a finish line off into the distance. Now, I should be able to make some progress moving the story along instead of the push-me pull-me of revising previous chapters.

My goal is to forge ahead and try not to worry about it being perfect. I need to tell the story, start to finish and leave it on the page until after I’ve finished this shitty first draft. Being the fiddler that I am–no small task, let me tell you. LOL

Can I get it done by the end of the month? Hmm… I’d at least like to get close.