Helene Boudreau Dreamscape interview from Dreamscape Media on Vimeo.

*stay tuned for my interview bloopers, from falling tri-fold screens to wardrobe malfunctions, detailed in a future post… 😉


A few interviews…

Date: Monday March 1, 2010
Posted in: Interviews

A variety of links to news, views and interviews…

*An interview with Brigita Pavshich over at ALL THINGS GIRL/EVERYTHING GIRL.

*A fun podcast I did with the wonderful folks at JUST ONE MORE BOOK , chatting about the complex art of storytelling.

*Ten minutes with Simone Joseph at the ECONOMIST & SUN.

Just One More Book

Date: Friday June 6, 2008
Posted in: Interviews

Just One More Book 

I just wanted to give a shout out to this phenomenal blog. It’s a plethora of all things regarding children’s books and publishing. Tonnes of author/illustrator/editor podcasts and interviews, reviews and general all around goodness.

Plus, they added my logo submission to their gallery. :-)  Which looks a lot like this:

This is a portrait I did of my girls during a quiet moment while reading by the window. And no, they didn’t sit long enough for me to paint them *snort*. I was able to snap a picture :-)